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Scott Honey Farms & Organics

2024 Nucs

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Bees will be ready to pick-up (depending on weather conditions) mid April - July  2024. This deposit is non refundable unless issues arise while the bees are in our possession. The total price per nuc is $135.00 but only the deposit will be collected at this time. The remaining balance is due at pick up in cash or credit. We do not offer shipping on our bees through USPS, however, we do offer free delivery on certain quantities or pick them up here at the farm. Each nuc will have around 3-4 frames of brood, 1-2 frames of food and Italian queen. Some nucs may have 1 frame of foundation to give the bees something to work on while awaiting their pick up.

During early spring when the night temps are stable, we will be ready to send our bees home with their new keepers. We know that several of our customers are new to beekeeping, and is best for the bees that we wait until the night temperatures are stable so there are no problems with chilled brood or other known issues.

Color of queens will vary and are raised by us here at the farm. The dates listed above could potentially change due to weather conditions. We recommend regularly checking our site for updates on nuc availability. PICK UP LOCATION IS HACKLEBURG AL, & MOUNT HOPE AL, or scheduled delivery. 

We will attempt to contact customers three times and hold for seven days. IF NO RESPONSE FROM CUSTOMER AFTER OUR 3rd ATTEMPT, WE REMOVE THE ORDER AND MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO THE NEXT IN LINE.